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Accounting services

Our company provides accounting services and maintenance. Having concluded an agreement with the firm, we take responsibility for the maintenance of accounting and tax accounting, as well as for the timely submission of accounting, tax and statistical reporting to the relevant authorities.


  • Reliability
  • Time saving
  • Service


  • Staff of qualified employees. Our team of professionals is constantly improving their skills. PBC leads a large number of organizations, which allows us to gain experience and remain effective and reliable.   
  • Insured risks. Unlike the chief accountant or bookkeeping department, our company has - A CIVIL (PROFESSIONAL) LIABILITY INSURANCE AGREEMENT OF THE ORGANIZATION PROVIDING ACCOUNTING SERVICES WITH ASIA INSHURANS LLC. This agreement gives confidence and a guarantee of compensation for damage in cash.


  • The price is 30-50% lower than the staff member. You do not need to maintain a staff of accountants, thereby you save on wages and job organization. In addition to this, you can add personal income tax 12% and the Unified Social Payment (ESP) 12%, which in the end gives another 24% cost savings.
  • Savings in accounting, legal programs, administrative expenses. You do not need to bear the costs of maintaining the office for your bookkeeping (furniture, office equipment, stationery, programs, etc.).

Service in the field of accounting

Accounting services to firms by an outsourcer company - an opportunity to save on the cost of an accountant’s work without doubting the quality of the services offered.  At your disposal will always be:

  • communication with a specialist,
  • advice on accounting and taxation issues,
  • access to the personal base 1C: Accounting,
  • operational preparation of documents, reports, certificates.

The competent organization of the accounting process at the enterprise is the task of a wise leader!

You no longer have to bear responsibility for the correctness and timeliness of the work, because we are responsible for our work!

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